Our Story

We are a sustainable marijuana t-shirt brand that emphasizes comfort and style. We are where we are today because of the visionary ideas of our founder, who strongly believed in the potential of marijuana. Eight years ago, our founder trademarked the name of our business even before marijuana became legal in different states. The vision was to produce reasonably priced pot t-shirts through authentic methods and make them available to everyone who wants one.

Seeing that vision come to pass many years later is the highlight of our work. Before ever starting this brand, our founder worked hard and gained sufficient experience in the industrial side of making shirts, investing time and resources into understanding the entire process from start until it reaches the consumer. So far, we have kept the fire of that vision glowing through affordable marijuana t-shirts for sales in our store.

Over time, our founder’s son joined the business to learn more about the nitty gritty and invest more into the vision. Being a family-owned business, we understand the importance of legacy and continuity. This is why we only make weed t-shirts from the finest materials we can find. Not only are we sourcing sustainable materials, but we are also checking the integrity of the materials and where they are from.

Leaning on our founder’s 12 years of hands-on experience decorating apparel and the combined experience of other team members, it’s no surprise that our brand of marijuana shirts is unique. And the fabrics speak volumes of our dedication to providing the best quality products.


Despite all this, we are continuously looking for avenues to improve our products and increase our level of competence. Our desire to know more and do more has enabled us to build a solid reputation for efficiency and gain the trust of other companies. Not only have we secured deals with some significant labeled companies, but we have also printed for them to date.

Additionally, we now operate and own heavy machinery to produce top-quality marijuana tees that will stand the test of multiple wash sessions. The entire production process is thorough, efficient, and cumbersome. Most of our carefully tailored marijuana graphic tees are hand drawn in a lengthy process to create a brand you can be proud of. They are carefully inspected at every stage of the production process before ever reaching our store.

Our Services

We are a marijuana tee shirt brand dedicated to providing you, our customer, with the most acceptable quality marijuana t-shirts and the best customer service possible. We have cool weed t-shirts that will be the perfect match for you, no matter your aesthetics or what generation you belong to. We’re not just invested in seeing you wearing our t-shirts. We also want you to feel good in them. We prioritize your comfort above all else, and that’s why they are made of fabric that is pleasant to the skin.

Every seam and stitch is well placed to make your t-shirt the right fit and give it that perfect look. The bold, nude, or dark colors are good quality and will not run out during laundry. Amongst other things, we prioritize inclusivity, and that’s why there is a t-shirt to fit people of every size. From small and sexy weed shirts to great plus-size shirts, there is something in our store for everybody. We have weed t-shirts for men, women, and non-binary people. You must order one or more from the variety available to get a feel for these t-shirts. Plus, getting our marijuana shirts is an investment in looking good and feeling comfortable. Join the train today!

Customer Service

Being a consumer-centered brand, we take your views seriously and are constantly trying to improve the quality of our work and service to you. So kindly let us know if you have any difficulties making a purchase or some other inquiry. Our team will be delighted to answer your questions and help you out.

Competitive Edge

We’re not just interested in owning a brand that makes marijuana t-shirts but in scaling up our services to meet your needs. We plan to expand our business into an empire well-equipped with the finest CBD products. We will invest endless hours and enormous resources into researching new products and make a name for providing only top-quality products.

  • Strains

We plan to explore every aspect of breeding and cultivation, pushing all limits and discovering new ways to outdo ourselves. For example, to have our own carefully groomed cannabis strains of different flavors and strengths that will be sought-after worldwide. We want to control the entire process, from the type of seeds we plant to how they will be sold.

These strains will be grown and monitored in excellent conditions and assessed by professionals for quality and potency before putting them on the market. Of course, we’ll also have entire collections of products from specific strains to meet your particular need.



  • Budology films

A film is a powerful tool we will wield to pass on authentic, well-researched, and engaging information. We will have professional writers write down captivating movie scripts about marijuana, the numerous strains and products, methods of use, and everything else that highlights the versatility of marijuana. We plan to launch our budology films platform, where we’ll show fun and educative weed-only movies.

Unique Approach

  • Goal

Our goal is to give back to society and have fun through our carefully tailored marijuana t-shirts.

  • Values

Our values are our backbone.

  • Transparency

We’re building authentic relationships with individuals and organizations based on trust and transparent policies.

  • Diversity

Diversity spurs growth, improves collaboration, and births creative ideas. We work to improve the lives of individuals from various backgrounds with our inclusive culture.

  • Efficiency

Efficiency improves output. Every procedure comes in a well-organized and competent manner.


Make A Purchase

What are you waiting for? Make a purchase today! Visit the shopping section of our website to purchase your favorite marijuana t-shirt.

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